G² Salon, located inside the beautiful LEED Certified 200 Market building, is home to your new hair and skin oasis. As stylists and aestheticians with years of experience in revitalizing and reenergizing hair and skin, we take care in our work. With your comfort and vision in mind, our specialists don’t only modernize the way you look as you walk out our door, but we rejuvenate the health of your hair and skin in the long run.

We ensure the strength of your hair by offering exclusive services such as our Thermal Reconditioning, Brazilian Blowout Keratin Treatment, and our wildly popular Deep Conditioning Treatment. Our aesthetician is one of the best in the industry with a wide range of experience in skin care and herbal skin therapies. We send you home with care instructions so we can ensure our work is long lasting and effective as well as offering deals on our wide range of the best hair and skin products.

To top it all off we have stylists dedicated solely to the more masculine side of our clientele, who have studied and have experience in purely male-oriented styling.

We’re devoted to making every client comfortable while they are with us and comfortable with themselves when they leave. We invite you to join us at G² Salon for an experience that is conformed to your needs.


G² Salon, located inside the 200 Market building is your new hair and skin oasis.